Child Resistant Foil, Child Resistant Laminate
CR Foil
To ensure safety of children and avoid intake of any product/medicine if no supervision of care taker and easy acess by adults and senior citizens lidding foil for blister in compliance with EN ISO 14375/BS 8404 in Europe; US16CFR17200.20 in the U.S. is produced by company SVAM ensuring safety of children.
The main features and benefits for introduction of CR/Sf laminates are:
Provides blister pack with necessary child resistance while maintaining user friendliness for adults.
Sealable to coldformed and thermoformed blister material with PVC as sealing layer.
High degree of protection of each individual dose.
Patient compliance.
Hygienic storing (only individual dose is removed).
Safe against manipulation (tamper evidence).
Only one dose can be removed per opening.
No tooling modification required for select push-through structures.
Providers barrier to humidity, oxygen and UV rays.
More specifications are also available on request.
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